S.D. Ferrell
Alberta Canada

Bio: Well hello there, thank you for visiting my blog - An introduction is in order. I am the author of the Valley Time Forgot, and The Shadow of Erebos, the first two books in a new fantasy adventure series, The Whipple Wash Chronicles. Presently, when I am not writing (I should always be writing,) I am designing merchandise for the series (I was a creative artist and designer before I became a self-published author.) This blog is mainly about my journey to fortune and fame. One day I am going to be on the Best Selling Authors List, and have a movie deal (Dream big or go home I say.) Occasionally, I will intertwine my journey with the journey of other self-published authors. The self-published community is growing in leaps and bounds. However, without the backing of a traditional publishing house, it is difficult to generate an interest in your work. Helping each other grow a fan base, is a logical solution. I hope you enjoy your visit and will share my writing, and the work of my guest authors. After all, you can't make the best sellers list without a little help from your friends. Enjoy the day S.D.

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