Summer Splash Book Blog Tour – Week 6

Well, here it is, Week 6 of the tour, I can’t believe we are almost at the end of it. This week is Guest Author Week. My author is a woman who is inspiring a nation to… “Put down the fork and get moving.” She is a musician, motivational speaker, good health activist, Zumba instructor, weight loss guru and self-promoter to the Nth degree. Others know her as the Incomparable Ms. Joan Minnery – I know her as friend.

Joan pic 2I met Joan several years ago when I started following her posts on Facebook. It was right around the same time I was publishing my first book, The Valley Time Forgot. To cut short, what would have been a very interesting story, I was looking for guest readers to help launch the book, Joan agreed to be one, we met, kindred spirits united, and the rest is history.  

I quickly came to learn that Joan is fearless, and a force of nature to be inspired by. One day she realized that the powers that be had a greater purpose for her. She strives every day to achieve that. I am in awe of her drive and fortitude to accomplish the goals she has set out for herself. If I had half of her ambition, I think I would already be on the best sellers list, and signing a movie deal.

When I asked Joan to answer my interview questions, I realized that some of them would not quite work for her circumstance. Unlike the other authors on the tour, who so far have been fiction writers, Joan’s book is an autobiography of sorts. So when it came to the Character Building questions, well, let’s just say some of them didn’t quite make sense (a lesson learned for me.) Joan was a trouper though and answered all them. The following is an edited version of the interview. Let’s read on and see what Joan has to say.

joan pic 5

Joan’s Insights on Writing:

How long have you been writing? 

I have been writing all of my life.  Probably composed my first ‘writings’ when I was 12. 

What genre do you write in?  Generally in Biography, Autobiography, True Life

Do you hand-write or use a laptop/PC when creating.  Hand-write and PC

What do you enjoy most about writing? 

Healing, Therapeutic.  Makes me feel at peace

Do you have a favorite time of day to write?  


Do you have a planned schedule for writing?

No, when the mood hits me and I have free time

Do you have any advice to share about writing?

Write near water and make sure your cat is not in front of your PC. 

Joan’s insight on Character Development

If you could meet any character from your book/s who would it be and why?

I would VERY much like to meet the girl at the END of my book who sat at the river and cried. 

Do you have any advice to share about character development? 

Don’t give away too much, let the reader draw their own development to allow then creative expression. 

Joan’s Insights on Publishing

Are you a self-published author or are you represented by a traditional publisher?


If you are a self-published author who did you publish/print your books with e.g.; print on demand company or through a local printer. 

Ball Media, Beck Printing. 

Do you have an agent? 

I am my own agent and damn good at it too!!!

If you are a self-publisher what do you like most about it?

Every cent is mine, every book sale I earned on my own, and every contact I made on my own.  I control my own destiny. 

Do you have E-books and/or hardcopies? 


Do you have any advice to share on publishing? 

Investigate ALL, take into consideration the PRINT costs of ALL, including the U.S., exchange rate and the fact that Amazon takes a major chunk of ALL of your sales.  Go local…

Joan’s Insights on Promotion and Merchandising

Besides your books, do you have merchandise that readers can purchase? 

They purchase me a lot, so they get me, my Motivational Shows, my entertainment Cd’s and all of my businesses. 

If you have merchandise where did you have them made? 

Ball Media, Beck Printing and of course from me myself. 

Do you think it is important to have merchandise, (besides your books) at promotional events? 

My readers appreciate bookmarks, walking sticks and t-shirts with my logo. 

Do you have future merchandising ideas that you would like to share? 

I am working on Motivational Videos, and a audio book for the Blind. 

Joan, please tell us about your book.   

Joan pic 1Walking My Way Back To Me

Get ready to cheer, be psyched up to be energized and stand by with a box of Kleenex. 

Joan Minnery’s invigorating Walking My Way Back To Me is a smile enhancing triumphant journey that will ignite your spirit to root all the ‘weigh’ to the finish line!!! Walking My Way Back To Me is Joan Minnery’s very raw hauntingly honest autobiography of living on the large side of life; featuring the truth behind how she successfully transformed her once poisoned body from a sob story into a successful adventure novel.

Many are discovering what her story really means and how it applies to their own lives. It’s not just a book about weight loss. It’s an autobiography — a life story of fame, success, bullying, hardships, domestic abuse, family happiness/tragedy; with the behind the scenes suffering of a person in the spotlight, and the truth behind the story. Walking My Way Back To Me is about how Joan reclaimed her life and fought her way back to herself and ultimately to her son.

It is a love story trilogy…

  1. A mother’s unconditional love for her son, and her controversial quest to take a very unique stand to save the life of her son’s mom. Along with her son’s impassioned lifesaving intervention to pull his REAL mother out.
  2. A woman whose heart had been pulled through the eye of a needle, who unexpectedly albeit finally found her Blue Sky in her very own real life Prince Charming.
  3. And perhaps the most poignant… Total 100% SELF LOVE!!! Joan learned to treat herself with love and respect and commit to a total focus on a frequency of love overflowing upon her. Joan filled herself up with so much love that she became a magnet.

What is up next for you e.g. up and coming events, another book/series, movie deal.

I am going into a LIVE Production of the book, it will be a Live Action Musical.  Book TWO is coming out in February 2017. I am on tour, extensively, with Motivational shows and travelling a LOT. 

Thank you so much Joan for joining me on this tour. I hope my readers will be inspired to go after and achieve their own goals. I know that I am definitely going to start working harder on mine. Please provide our readers with your contact information and links to your work.

Author & Book Tour Info: 519-752-1694 / 519-771-5687


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One response to “Summer Splash Book Blog Tour – Week 6

  1. Absolutely awesome. Joan is a very huge inspiration for me. She’s so full of love that she’s overflowing and we, her students benefit from that love. I call her the Ever ready bunny 🙂

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