Begin Pep Talk

I have been teetering on the brink of quitting  my day job for several weeks now, and seriously contemplating running away and joining the circus. Two days ago I almost jumped off the fence to the other side. And, even though I would have landed on a poorly tilled field, full of  muck that was knee-deep, I thought it couldn’t possibly be worse than what I was running from.
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However, after watching a well-timed video that related stress to holding onto a glass of water, and thinking the comparison quite brilliant, I thought it was time to give myself a pep talk. After all, there is no circus nearby, and I cannot afford to quit my day job. Fortune and fame has not found me yet. While I wait for Hollywood to call, I still  need to put food on the table and a roof over my head.  Creating, writing, has a way of making everything better, especially so when I internalize it. So, here it goes, the brutally honest version.
justmesuzied…Nothing is worth stressing so much over that it affects your mental and physical health. You, my dear, have let stress run your life and your mouth the last couple of months, and let’s be honest, most of your adult life too. In fact, you’ve quit jobs because of it. Left friends behind because of it. AND, have taking yourself off the playing field of love because of it.
It is time for you to understand a couple of things. We know you are 55, but you are  never too old to learn new things! So, buckle in, and enjoy the ride.

Firstly: Because you’re a likable person that doesn’t mean everyone will like you or that you should like everyone. Because someone doesn’t like you that is no cause for stress. There are 70 billion people on the planet, there are bound to be one or two people who think that you are an alright soul. Why do you need 70 billion friends anyway, you don’t, let it go.

Secondly: Because you are a hard, and conscientious worker that doesn’t mean everyone you work with is or has to be. You innately understand process and can see the steps needed to accomplish a task or how to make things work more efficiently. Of no fault of their own not everyone can or has the drive to. So what, there is no reason to stress about it. Just go into work, do the best job you can do with the abilities you possess, and don’t worry about what everyone else is doing or not doing. They do their job – they don’t – who cares, let it go.
Thirdly: Some people want the best for other people, and others just want what is best for them.You seriously need to understand that those people’s morals are lacking in sincerity. Some people are just greedy and have no consideration for others. They can not comprehend that a pay check for some people is the difference between living on the street or living under a roof.  That is a flaw in their personality, and something you have absolutely no control over or can change, so why stress about it. Surround yourself with the first group of people. They are your kind of people, because you are one of them. For the other kind, let it go. 
Lastly: You need to come to terms that you will not always be the teacher or the student. Sometimes, you will just be the bystander. You need to learn to let some things play out as they will, without interfering. Seriously, for your health and sanity, you need to stop stressing over shit that you have no control over. Just smile, nod, and let it go. Just let it go!
End pep talk! 
Wait a second. If you held a glass of water long enough the water would eventually start to evaporate causing the glass to become lighter again and easier to hold onto. But then again, I suppose if you held onto it long enough your arm would give out long before the water evaporated. Hmmm…should I take back the “Quite brilliant” comment? No, it was a great comparison, and it inspired me to write, which is always a good thing. Never  mind. this P.S., the “Quite brilliant” comment stands as written.

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