and so it begins…



My father once told me that I should enjoy my youth and girlish figure while I can; once I hit 30 it all goes downhill from there. So when I turned 30 in 2012 I awaited the decent into the dark and endless abyss of growing old. But nothing happened. Not outwardly anyway. Internally however there was a noticeable shift. It was subtle at first- like a slow trickle through the dam of my subconscious mind. It was gentle yet steady, insistent on breaking down and doing away with all the socialization, information and mental constructs, even the identities that I attached to, which no longer served my greater sense of Self.

Coming into my 34th year, I am happy to announce that the dam no longer exists! But my friends, it’s been a long, arduous and sometimes painful journey getting to this point; inquiring, unlearning and deconditioning, reshaping and shifting. Shit! There is a reason why they call…

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