Yeah Sayers Unite!

I have come from a place where I struggled, often, daily in fact, with my own identity, abilities, life choices and my purpose in the “grand” scheme of things. Then one day…

…this story, The Whipple Wash Chronicles, literally fell onto my lap. I wasn’t looking for it, I wasn’t planning for it, it just appeared. It has become the longest project I have ever worked on. I pride myself on being a project orientated person. I highlight it in bold on my resume and bring it up at job interviews. Hire me, because I like to work on projects and finish them in a timely manner just so I can move onto the next project; the more projects on the go the better. But there was something about this project that was different; right from the get go.  And it is the only personal thing in my life, other than being a mother and grandmother, that I haven’t given up on. That I haven’t allowed the daily “hiccups” of life to steer me away from. Oh there were times that I was ready to throw in the preferable towel, but I didn’t. Call it faith, call it purpose, call it down right stubbornness, call it whatever makes sense to you.

whipple wash chronicles book mark A

Five and a half years ago I started out writing a story for my family and ended up creating and building the foundation to a legacy. A legacy that my children and grandchildren can be proud of…that I can be proud of. But like anything worth while in life it takes time, energy and the help of a community of Yeah Sayers to accomplish it.

There is a greater purpose to my own journey, I truly believe this, as much as I believe in my ability to tell the Whipplewashian story!

If you believe, please click on the links below.

Please share them with your family, friends, teachers, the guy at the office and the mail man if you still get hand delivered mail.

Most importantly, please buy the books and let’s build this legacy together, one Yeah Sayer at a time!


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