I’ve been published! YEAH!

The little piece of prose that I wrote;  “An Open Letter to Candy Crush,” that I posted on here,  has been published! So excited, just had to share!

The Brant Advocate 30th Edition

I was contacted by a member of the publishing team of The Brant Advocate after he saw the piece posted on Google+. Marc asked if they could print it in the February edition of the paper– I of course said YES!


Do you have your copy of The Brant Advocate yet? If you live in or around Brantford, I always picked my copy up at Sophia’s Bakery on the corner of Colborne and King Streets. Of course I couldn’t resist to purchase some dessert or a slice of banana bread. It went lovely with my favorite cup of coffee from The Pantry Cafe on Dalhousie Street next to the Sanderson Centre.

The perfect accompaniment to your day – Your favorite cup of coffee, a sweet treat and a great read with the The Brant Advocate!

If you don’t live in or around Brantford here is a link to the 30th edition of the paper. Enjoy





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3 responses to “I’ve been published! YEAH!

  1. Well, hello from Brant County! When I saw “Alberta Canada” on your about page, I was all ready to hop aboard, but the piece that you published in the Brant Advocate sealed the deal! Congratulations, by the way.

    One word of advice: don’t play Plants vs. Zombies. They’ll eat your brains.

    • justmesuzied

      Thanks Maggie…I hope you will enjoy the rest of the posts too.

    • justmesuzied

      Thank you….I am originally from Brantford ON, Just moved to Alberta over the Christmas holidays. I hope you will enjoy the other posts as well. Your comments on them would be appreciated. Thanks for following me.

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