Journey to Fortune and Fame – A better me!

One cannot journey to fortune and fame without taking into consideration all aspects of your being. I am a prolific visionary and a creator; it’s an integral part of my genetic makeup…

Writing, like designing, calms my mind and energizes my soul. When I am creating I feel at peace — I am whole — I am home. Creating fulfills my spiritual needs, but like most of you reading this post I am human (Insert a cheeky smile here) and have a physical body to take care of too. And like many of you reading this, I perhaps over the course of time, have not been so good to the physical part of my being.

I use to be in better shape, when I was younger, but then so were most of us. I had an active metabolism that kept me in around 115 pounds even though I had four children; it was all the walking I did and running around after the kids that kept me slim or so I told myself. Then at thirty-five I had my fifth child, my metabolism changed and so too did my thought process. FYI, I use to be very self-conscious about how I looked and always dressed stylish and never left the house without makeup on. I was a single mom, but I didn’t have to look like I was a single mom. But then something changed; I didn’t lose the weight I had gained with my pregnancy and still struggle to lose it almost nineteen years later. But I also slowly began to stop caring about what I looked like physically. I didn’t understand the reasoning why until I had discussion with a friend of mine, Joan Minnery.

Joan has embarked on her own journey; one of whole body health. Her Phenomenal weight loss story started with eating right and walking, just walking. I started to follow Joan’s posts about her journey on Facebook. Each post was filled with the trials and tribulations of her weight loss and how she overcame them. I was inspired by her story, not just from the success of it, but the path she took to get there. You see our journey has been a similar one; we are both artistically talented, single moms who have children that we adore and would do anything for and are aspiring authors. So when it came time to launch The Valley Time Forgot, I asked Joan if she would do me the honour of reading an excerpt from the book at the launch. We met for breakfast to discuss it and instantly formed a bond of sisterhood that have had on occasion, in depth conversation about everything and nothing at all.

While during one of these “conversations” the topic of weight gain in women and the various causes of it was explored. Before the conversation I really never gave my weight gain any in depth thought and on the surface I chalked it up to the change in my metabolism. But during our talk I realized there was a deeper reason, a not so healthy reason for the weight gain that I would have to come to terms with — I needed to break the bond I had with my EX. He was/is a very image conscious person and subconsciously I thought perhaps if I gained weight he would no longer be attracted to me and I could move on without him in my life. Not to get into detail or put blame on anyone, but our relationship was a turbulent one that played on my self-esteem and most of the time left me feeling like I wasn’t worthy to love.

To move forward I needed to break the bond, and changing my image with weight gain was the only way I thought I could do it. So over the years I packed on the weight and today sit at 160lbs. Not a lot by some standards, but enough that I started to feel worse about myself rather than better. As the dress sizes increased I hated looking at myself in the mirror and hated seeing me more in photos. The need to break the bond with my Ex turned into putting my health at risk. As my blood pressure rose so did my cholesterol levels resulting in a decrease in energy levels. The physical being that houses the spiritual being has slowly been spiraling downward. Even though I have embarked on my journey to fortune and fame I still feel out of sorts, like something is missing.

There is something to be said about conversations we have with fellow like mind thinkers, soul energisers, who open our minds to the possibility of “What If.” They have ways of digging deep into our subconscious and freeing the burdens that dwell there, burdens that keep us stagnate and afraid to see the true root of our problems. Even if at the time you don’t realise that it is happening, seeds of change are being planted through these conversations.

Now some of these “Yeah Sayers” we meet at the beginning of our journey, they help with guiding us to the path that will take us to our destined fate. Others we meet along the way, at a time when we need to be re-energised. Even though we have embarked on our journey we still hold on to our old belief systems and fears, these people help us to get over them. That is why I met Joan, when I met her; she energises my need to change my way of thinking and pushes me to be a better me. By letting go of her past and accomplishing her own goals, I see that I too can accomplish mine by letting go.   

So in the spirit of my friend Joan and her journey to be a better her, I have decided that it is time to put my past to rest and become a better me. First I will start on the physical me, the mental me will take some time to work on and in retrospect it’s probably what this journey to fortune and fame is really all about.

I will let you ponder that, while I tell you how I have kicked this portion of my journey into gear. I have started a healthy eating routine that begins with a glass of warm lemon water first thing in the morning, and a healthy selection of fruit, vegetables, almonds, protein and water throughout the day.

Food for thought

And as of today I have added a brisk walk on the tread mill, which I will start right after I post this. Once the weather is nicer I plan on taking the “brisk walk” outside with two purposes in mind; I will get to know my new home (which I have yet to explore) and like my friend Joan start walking myself, to a better me.



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